Hoos Got (pronounced as “Who’s Got”) Cosmetic Surgery Bish is just what you are looking for when you need a trusted cosmetic surgeon who will help you solve your aging, excess fat, and other problems related to beauty.

Specializing in cosmetic surgeries specific to the needs of men and women in Australia, we have been in the business for more than 10 years. To date, we have had 500+ happy and satisfied clients. Our clinic is located in Stony Head, Tasmania and is open on weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm. We offer free initial consultation to all our patients as well as a money back guarantee on all our cosmetic surgeries.

We pride in having a team of qualified, board certified, and experienced surgeons in their respective fields. So you can rest assured that your surgical procedure will not only produce your desired results but also will ensure your safety and comfort.

Our clients love the pre-operation and post-operation care that we provide to them. We make sure that every surgery we perform is successful, so we contact our patients at regular intervals to check if they are doing well after the surgery.

We will also be happy to serve you! Book a consultation with us by sending an email to Annabelle Bash (info@hoosgot.com).

 Annabelle Nash

Contact Information

Name: Annabelle Nash

Email: info@hoosgot.com

Address: 28 Beach Street, STONY HEAD, TAS 7252

Phone: (03) 6241 9272